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30 years. 30 questions. 30 answers. (short version)
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postat de sscatalin in 2010-09-12 11:53

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1. Which is the oldest memory of the last 30 years?
A: My father holding me. My mother crying. Not a pleasant one…

2. Who’s your dearest person in this last 30 years?
A: I would say, Jo-baby.

3. What did you lack in the last 30 years?
A: Confidence.

4. What did you lose in the last 30 years?
A: Time.

5. What did you gain in the last 30 years?
A: I’m supposed to say: experience, but that would be a lie. So…i say experience.

6. What is it that you want an you don’t have?
A: Confidence. Security. Time…

7 If you were to leave, where would you go?
A: Away. Prague, maybe.

8. Who’s the person without whom you cannot picture your existence?
A: My mother.

9. The best moment of the last 30 years was…
A: … (this is a though one) … probably the moment when i was recruited by Petrom, but don’t ask me why.

10. The biggest regret is…
A: I don’t know, i have so many…

11. What would you change in you, in the others?
A: Probably the way i look and feel. With regard to the others… hmmm… I would make them more peaceful.

12. What stops you from doing the change?
A: Laziness, the feeling that for some changes is too late, the feeling that it would be useless, and (with regard to the others) the lack of power.

13. Who are you?
A: I haven’t figure it out yet. Probably who the others think i am. That’s not necessary a good thing.

14. Are you happy?
A: Unfortunately, no.

15. If the answer is yes … what makes you happy?
A: The answer is no, but it makes me happy to travel, to get away from it all, with my girlfriend and my friends…Books also make me happy…

16 If the answer is no … why?
A: I don’t know. I just ain’t…

17. A conqueror or … let it be?
A: Depends. I would like to be a “Caesar” or a Cesare. I’m not.

18. A cigarette, a book, … and adventure/affair?
A: I’m not that adventurous. I don’t believe in affairs. I would like to quit smoking for good… So i would say a book.

19. A lost love or the uncertainty of the future?
A: This is actually a non-choice question. But as one cannot go back in the past i would say the future is better, uncertain as it is…

20. Future sounds good?
A: No. I don’t know. I will see…

21. Hate or forgetfulness?
A: Indifference.

23. It’s hard for you because…
A: … i see no perspective, i don’t know what and how it would be, i don’t trust my self and my feelings, i don’t like my self too much.

24. You wish/want…
A:… to be happy.

25. If tomorrow never comes…
A: …i lived in vain.

26. Once upon a time…
A: … i was young and full of hopes.

27. The movie of the last 30 years…
A: Probably Ingmar Bergman’s Seventh Seal. Life is a chess game that we play with death. We lose

28. The book of the last 30 years:
A. Michael Houllebecq’s “Atomised”. Jose Saramago’s: “Baltasar and Blimunda”. Michael Tournier: The Four Wise Men, etc. It’s hard to say, there’s a part of me in every one of them…

29. The moment of the last 30 years…
A: …probably when i decided to try make it on my own, almost 5 years ago…

30. After another 30 years you will be…
A: Hopefully still alive…and happy.

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