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Romania nevertebrata!
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postat de sscatalin in 2012-07-30 11:34
M-am jurat ca daca Basescu nu se da dus nici acum, in ciuda unui vot covarsitor impotriva lui, iar poporul nu reactioneaza, am sa plec definitiv din tara asta si-am sa iau cetatenia unui alt stat. Mi-e efectiv scarba si sila ca sunt roman in acest moment...

The Bouquet
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postat de sscatalin in 2012-01-06 23:09
The lonely bouquet stood
On the bedside
In an empty room
One leaf already fallen.

It was supposed to be
A nice one
Ordered on line
Flowers carefully selected
Especially for this occasion
Oriental lilies,
Five of them.
Hanging on their delicate...

Things i've learned about women ex post facto
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postat de sscatalin in 2011-10-12 21:37

The nicer you treat them, the more stupid they will think you are...Treat them bad, and they will love you... Doesn't make any sense, i know...

When a woman reassures you everything is fine then nothing is fine at all...

Those who say they don't care about money, looks, size or whatever, ARE lying...

Though they talk about commitment, long term relationships, tenderness, support, honesty, a.s.o. they are actually incapable of any... Not for long, anyway...

Women are never satisfied with what they have. There will always be a more handsome man, a deeper pocket, a fancier car, a bigger house, a better lover. Men tend to make the mistake of assuming that if they've found the "perfect" woman for them the woman feels the same way just because she's there with him. In reality she's there just because she didn't find that man's replacement yet...

A corollary to the above is the minority consisting in those women acting and thinking as the black widow spider. Those who tend to stay and deprive the men of all their freedom, happiness and dignity. Beware of those!

Women are mean and judgmental. Those who think they are subjected to their judgement only because there are "feelings" involved are wrong. It's actually even...

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postat de sscatalin in 2011-10-03 00:31
Lost in big beautiful city. Crowded streets, noisy trams, loud teens, quiet bums. Lighted buildings, corners smelling like urine. Incomprehensible language, angry voice, epic music in my ears. Walking fast, looking left, right, not hearing my thoughts,...

Lista lecturilor 2011
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postat de sscatalin in 2011-08-27 12:12
1. Umberto Eco - Cimitirul din Praga
2. Jose Saramago - Pestera
3. Chuck Palahniuk - Pygmy
4. Lucian Boia - Tragedia Germaniei
5. George RR Martin - Inclestarea regilor
6. George RR Martin - Iuresul sabiilor
7. Michael Houellebecq - Harta si teritoriul...

Primul meu sarut
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postat de sscatalin in 2011-04-11 23:48
Nu, stati linistiti, nimic special. Nicio poveste cu clar de luna, valuri si nisipuri ce par miscatoare. Nicio lumanare tremuranda si mai plina de emotie decat indragostitii cliseizati de atatea seriale adolescentine, muzicaluri sau filme de dragoste...

30 years. 30 questions. 30 answers. (short version)
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postat de sscatalin in 2010-09-12 11:53

Originally posted on www.sc-g.ro

1. Which is the oldest memory of the last 30 years?
A: My father holding me. My mother crying. Not a pleasant one…

2. Who’s your dearest person in this last 30 years?
A: I would say, Jo-baby...

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postat de sscatalin in 2010-08-04 20:39

Fanteziile, de orice natura ar fi ele, sunt un atribut al fiintei umane. Numai noi ne permitem luxul unui day-dream. Poate si cainii care viseaza la oase, la un stapan, sau care-si imagineaza orice obiect drept o friptura umblatoare, dar cred totusi ca asta...

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postat de sscatalin in 2010-07-26 01:45
Nu pot sa dorm. Cu toate ca mintea mea nu mai produce niciun gand, nicio idee, nimic, noaptea tot felul de viziuni ma bantuie si nu ma lasa sa dorm. E ca si cum propria mea stafie ma bantuie cu franturi ale proprie-mi vieti…

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